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  • Namespace / class 'Game'

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    Defined functions

    Source Code

    1. namespace Game
    2. {
    3. ActorList GetActors();
    4. ActorList GetActors(const char *Name_);
    5. ActorList GetActors(ActorType type_);
    6. Actor GetActor(int ID_);
    7. int GetNumActors(ActorType type_);
    8. int GetNumInjuredPersonNotOnTransport();
    9. int GetNumInjuredPersonNotOnTransport(bool ignoreDead_ = false); //Since version 1.3
    10. GameObjectList GetGameObjects();
    11. GameObjectList GetGameObjects(GameObjectType type_);
    12. GameObjectList GetGameObjects(const char *Name_);
    13. GameObjectList GetGameObjectsWithPrefix(const char* Prefix_);
    14. GameObjectList GetSelectedGameObjects();
    15. int GetNumSelectedGameObjects();
    16. bool IsParamedicWithInjuredInSelection(GameObject *Caller_);
    17. PersonList GetParamedics();
    18. PersonList GetDoctors();
    19. PersonList GetFirefighters();
    20. GameObject CreateObject(const char* Prototype_, const char *Name_);
    21. Person CreatePerson(const char *Prototype_, const char *Name_);
    22. Vehicle CreateVehicle(const char* Prototype_, const char *Name_);
    23. void RemoveGameObject(GameObject *obj_);
    24. bool ExecuteCommand(const char *Command_, GameObject *Caller_);
    25. bool ExecuteCommand(const char *Command_, GameObject *Caller_, Actor *Target_);
    26. float MetersToUnits(float Meters_);
    27. float UnitsToMeters(float Units_);
    28. void PrintObjectText(Actor &Obj_, const char *Text_);
    29. bool LoadMap(const char* MapName_);
    30. void ScheduleMissionStart(int Mission_, bool isNewMission_ = false);
    31. void PlayEmitter(const char *File_, const Vector &Pos_);
    32. float GetGameSpeed();
    33. void SetGameSpeed(float Speed_);
    34. float GetLastTickDuration();
    35. float GetRealTime();
    36. float GetTime();
    37. void SetDefaultMessageGroup(const char* Default_);
    38. void ShowHelpText(const char *Text_, float Duration_ = -1.0f);
    39. void ShowHelpTextWindow(const char *Text_, float Duration = -1.0f);
    40. void CloseHelpTextWindow();
    41. void SetNavigatorCounter(const char* counter_); //Since version 1.3
    42. const char* GetNavigatorCounter(); //Since version 1.3
    43. bool CollectObstaclesOnPath(const char* path, GameObjectList &list);
    44. bool CollectObstaclesOnTrigger(const char* trigger, GameObjectList &list, unsigned int typefilter_ = ACTOR_VEHICLE|ACTOR_PERSON|ACTOR_OBJECT);
    45. bool CollectObstaclesOnVirtualObject(const char* vobj, GameObjectList &list, unsigned int typefilter_ = ACTOR_VEHICLE|ACTOR_PERSON|ACTOR_OBJECT);
    46. bool IsSquadInTrigger(const char* trigger, unsigned int typefilter_ = ACTOR_PERSON|ACTOR_VEHICLE);
    47. bool IsCivilianInTrigger(const char* trigger, unsigned int typefilter_ = ACTOR_PERSON, bool isInjured_=false);
    48. bool IsSquadInVirtualObject(const char* vobj);
    49. bool IsCivilianInVirtualObject(const char* vobj);
    50. bool IsBurningObjectInVirtualObject(const char* vobj);
    51. void HideObjects(const GameObjectList &list);
    52. void ShowObjects(const GameObjectList &list);
    53. int GetNrObjectsWithFlagSet(int flag_);
    54. bool ExistsObjectWithFlagSet(int flag_);
    55. bool ExistsNormalObjectWithFlagSet(int flag_); //checks only objects with status != FULLBURNED, which arent hidden
    56. bool ExistsFreeLandingStage(bool tfmb_);
    57. bool ExistsFreeBridgeInstallPoint();
    58. bool ExistsFreeTFMB();
    59. bool ExistsFreeFMB();
    60. bool ExistsFreeDLKInstallPosition();
    61. bool ExistsEmptyFGRR_TRL();
    62. bool ExistsEmptyFGRR_RL();
    63. bool ExistsCoolableobject();
    64. bool ExistsExtinguishableObject();
    65. bool ExistsDrowningPerson();
    66. bool ExistsInjuredPerson();
    67. bool ExistsNonInjuredPerson();
    68. bool ExistsWoundedSquad();
    69. bool ExistsAccessibleHouse();
    70. bool ExistsFreeRescueDog();
    71. bool ExistsPickableAnimal(); //Since version 1.3
    72. bool ExistsDiveArea();
    73. bool ExistsCarWithEnclosedPerson();
    74. bool ExistsCutableObject();
    75. bool ExistsLockedHouse();
    76. bool ExistsFreeHoseConnection();
    77. bool ExistsAskablePerson();
    78. bool ExistsFreeDLK();
    79. bool ExistsRepairableCar();
    80. bool ExistsHouseForJumpad();
    81. bool ExistsInstalledJumppad();
    82. bool ExistsInstalledRoadblock();
    83. bool ExistsFreeVehicle(VehicleType type_, int minFreePassengers, int minFreeTransports);
    84. bool ExistsFreeVehicle(VehicleType type_, VehicleType type2_, int minFreePassengers, int minFreeTransports);
    85. bool ExistsFreeVehicle(VehicleType type_, VehicleType type2_, VehicleType type3_, int minFreePassengers, int minFreeTransports);
    86. bool ExistsFreeVehicle(VehicleType type_, VehicleType type2_, VehicleType type3_, VehicleType type4_, int minFreePassengers, int minFreeTransports);
    87. bool ExistsFreeSquadVehicle(VehicleType type_, int minFreePassengers, int minFreeTransports);
    88. bool ExistsFreeSquadVehicle(VehicleType type_, VehicleType type2_, int minFreePassengers, int minFreeTransports);
    89. bool ExistsFreeSquadVehicle(VehicleType type_, VehicleType type2_, VehicleType type3_, int minFreePassengers, int minFreeTransports);
    90. bool ExistsFreeSquadVehicle(VehicleType type_, VehicleType type2_, VehicleType type3_, VehicleType type4_, int minFreePassengers, int minFreeTransports);
    91. bool ActivateTrigger(const char *name);
    92. bool DeactivateTrigger(const char *name);
    93. bool ActivateWaitingPoint(const char *name_);
    94. bool DeactivateWaitingPoint(const char *name_);
    95. bool IsInTrigger(const char *name, const Vector &Pos_);
    96. void CreateAreaLightsAroundTrigger(const char *name_, const char *nameForLights_, float gap_);
    97. bool ActivateLiquid(const char *name);
    98. bool DeactivateLiquid(const char *name);
    99. bool IsWater(const Vector &Pos_, bool ignoreHeight_ = true);
    100. bool IsSubmergible(const Vector &Pos_);
    101. bool IsHomicideEventRunning(); //Since version 1.3
    102. int GetPhysicsStep();
    103. int GetTick();
    104. bool GetGameString(const char *name_, char *buffer_, int maxcount_); //Since version 1.3
    105. bool FindFreePosition(GameObject *obj_, Vector &Pos_, float radius_ = 100.0f);
    106. bool FindAvailablePosition(GameObject *obj_, Vector &Pos_, float radius_ = 50.0f, bool allowHouses_ = true);
    107. bool GetPotentialCollisions(Actor *obj_, ActorList &list_, float radius_, unsigned int typefilter_);
    108. bool IsPositionAcceptable(Vector Position_); //Since version 1.3
    109. int GetMaxParkingSpace(); //Since version 1.3
    110. void SetMaxParkingSpace(int space_); //Since version 1.3
    111. void ExtinguishAllFires();
    112. void ActivateSceneLens(bool active_);
    113. void StopAmbientSound(const char* name_);
    114. void SetAmbientSoundVolumeByName(const char *name_, float volume_);
    115. void SetAmbientSoundVolumeBySound(const char *sound_, float volume_);
    116. void SetObjectsSelectable(bool enable_);
    117. void SetMapBoundsBlockCamera(bool enable_);
    118. void ForceShowContextMenu(bool enable_);
    119. void EnableMultiSelection(bool enable_);
    120. void GetTime(int &hour_, int &minute_, int &second_);
    121. void SetTime(int hour_, int minute_, int second_);
    122. int GetTimeSpeed();
    123. void SetTimeSpeed(int speed_);
    124. float GetGroundHeight(float posx_, float posy_);
    125. float GetFloorHeight(float posx_, float posy_);
    126. float GetGlobalEventFrequencyFactor(); //Since version 1.3
    127. void SetGlobalEventFrequencyFactor(float factor_); //Since version 1.3
    128. float GetTimeActivePlayerSwitchMP(); //Since version 1.3
    129. void SetTimeActivePlayerSwitchMP(float time_); //Since version 1.3
    130. void DrawPermanentLine(Vector &start, Vector &end, int R, int G, int B);
    131. Vector GetCommandPos();
    132. GameMode GetGameMode();
    133. bool HasNamePrefix(const char* Name_, const char *Prefix_);
    134. void EnableUpdateMissionOnPause(bool enable_);
    135. int ShowEvent(const char* Text_, Vector Position_); // returns ID of the event, since version 1.3
    136. bool SetEventFinished(int eventID_, bool succesful_, int reward_); //Since version 1.3
    137. bool IsFreeplay();
    138. bool IsMultiplayer();
    139. bool IsCampaign();
    140. bool IsMission();
    141. void AddToGroup(GameObject *object_, int group_);
    142. bool RemoveFromGroup(GameObject *object_, int group_);
    143. bool IsInGroup(GameObject *object_, int group_);
    144. };
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