freeplaybase.xml (EM4)

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  • The file "freeplaybase.xml" defines the paths of the emergency vehicles prototypes and the amount of available vehicles in the freeplay mode.

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    The file "freeplaybase.xml" can be found in Data or Mod and the subfolder Specs. The XML-file includes all paths to the vehicles, that should be available in the freeplay mode. It also defines the amount of available vehicles. The original file looks like this:

    Source Code: freeplaybase.xml

    1. <freeplaybase>
    2. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Ambulance/nef.e4p" count="3" />
    3. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Ambulance/rtw.e4p" count="3" />
    4. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Ambulance/rhf.e4p" count="0" />
    5. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Ambulance/rhc.e4p" count="0" />
    6. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Ambulance/itw.e4p" count="0" />
    7. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/rw.e4p" count="3" />
    8. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/tlf.e4p" count="2" />
    9. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/gtf.e4p" count="2" />
    10. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/dlk.e4p" count="1" />
    11. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/lpf.e4p" count="0" />
    12. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/dekonp.e4p" count="0" />
    13. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/tfmb.e4p" count="0" />
    14. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/lf.e4p" count="0" />
    15. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/flb.e4p" count="0" />
    16. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Police/stw.e4p" count="3" />
    17. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Police/mtw.e4p" count="1" />
    18. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Police/sw.e4p" count="1" />
    19. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Police/phc.e4p" count="1" />
    20. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Police/gtw.e4p" count="0" />
    21. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Police/waw.e4p" count="0" />
    22. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Police/getawaycar.e4p" count="0" />
    23. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/TEC/fgri.e4p" count="1" />
    24. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/TEC/fgr.e4p" count="0" />
    25. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/TEC/fgr_t.e4p" count="0" />
    26. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/TEC/asf.e4p" count="3" />
    27. </freeplaybase>
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    The entry <vehicle prototype="..." defines the parth of the prototype file.
    The entry count="XX" the amount of the available vehicles.

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