Detail Polygons (EM4)

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  • Detail Polygons are high-resolution textures in order the push the details of the terrain in certain areas.

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    Detail Polygons

    With the option Detail Polygons you can place high-resolution textures over the terrain textures in order to push the detail of certain areas. You can use diferent properties for the blend modes:
    • With the option Blend you can place the texture with soft borders on the floor.
    • With the option Modulate the texture will be darkened.
    • With Detail the rgb-values of the textures will be lightenend if they are above 127 and darkened if they are below 127.
    Closed polygons are also place as areas (ype "closed"), open ones are placed as paths (type "open").

    The file path for own textures is: ..\Textures\Detailpoly\…abd6229d6c39936f5dfb3baae…abd6229d6c39936f5dfb3baae
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