Camera (EM4)

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  • Namespace / class 'Camera'

    Table Of Contents

    Definierte Funktionen

    Source Code

    1. namespace Camera
    2. {
    3. void Move(const Vector &Start_, const Vector &End_=NULLVECTOR, float Duration_ = 0.0f);
    4. void Move(const char* pathname,const float duration = 0);
    5. void Rotate(float stepx = 0, float stepy = 0, float stepz = 0, float speed = 0);
    6. void Set(const Vector &Pos_);
    7. Vector Get();
    8. void SetRotation(float x, float y, float z);
    9. void GetRotation(float &roll_, float &pitch_, float &yaw_);
    10. void SetCameraRotationTo(const float x,const float y,const float z);
    11. void ZoomIn(const float ZoomIn);
    12. void ZoomOut(const float ZoomOut);
    13. void ZoomInTo(const float ZoomIn);
    14. void ZoomOutTo(const float ZoomOut);
    15. void Restrict(const float radius = 0);
    16. void FollowTarget(const GameObject *object_, const Vector &Pos_, bool useCurrentCamPos_ = false);
    17. void LookAtTarget(const GameObject *object_, bool smoothTransition_ = false, float zoomSpeed_ = 0.0f, float zoomDuration_ = 1.0f);
    18. void LookAtPoint(const Vector &Point_, bool smoothTransition_, float zoomSpeed_, float zoomDuration_);
    19. void LookAt(const Vector &From_, const Vector &To_);
    20. void GetDirection(float &x, float &y, float &z);
    21. void SynchronizeWithPhysics();
    22. void SynchronizeWithGame();
    23. const bool IsMoving ();
    24. const bool IsRotating();
    25. void StartTransition(const char *Target_, float Duration_, bool stopSmooth_ = true, bool startSmooth_ = false);
    26. void StartTransition(const Vector &pos_, float yaw_, float pitch_, float roll_, float duration_, bool stopSmooth_ = true, bool startSmooth_ = false);
    27. void StartTransition(const Vector &Pos_, float height_, float yaw_, float pitch_, float roll_, float duration_, bool stopSmooth_ = true, bool startSmooth_ = false);
    28. void GetTransition(const char *name_, Vector &pos_, float &yaw_, float &pitch_, float &roll_);
    29. bool IsCameraTransitioning();
    30. void SetCameraToLocation(const char *Target_);
    31. void LockCameraMovement();
    32. void UnlockCameraMovement();
    33. void LockCameraRotation();
    34. void UnlockCameraRotation();
    35. void LockCameraZoom();
    36. void UnlockCameraZoom();
    37. void EnableEntryPoint();
    38. void DisableCameraXYMovement();
    39. void EnableCameraXYMovement();
    40. void DisableCameraZMovement();
    41. void EnableCameraZMovement();
    42. void DisableCameraRotation();
    43. void EnableCameraRotation();
    44. void SetMinCamZ(float value_);
    45. float GetMinCamZ();
    46. void SetMaxCamZ(float value_);
    47. float GetMaxCamZ();
    48. void SetMinCamPitch(float value_);
    49. float GetMinCamPitch();
    50. void SetMaxCamPitch(float value_);
    51. float GetMaxCamPitch();
    52. void SetShakingEnabled(bool enable_);
    53. void StartCamShake(float duration_, float strength_, bool localOnly_ = true); //Ab Version 1.3
    54. };
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