File formats (EM4)

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  • EMERGENCY 4 uses several file formats. The following list contains all common formats used by the game.

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    File formats

    EMERGENCY 4 uses in parts very special file formats. Some of them were already used with EMERGENCY 3.

    File format
    .v3oVision model file
    .ddsTexture / DirectDrawSurface e.g. for skins (can only be opened with special graphic programs, maybe you should convert it before)
    .pngTexture e.g. for skins (needs less storage than .dds, but there could occur failes in-game)
    .e4pPrototype file (contains lights, preferences and the path to the model file)
    .e4mMap file (contains all information about the level)
    .eftFloor texture file
    .scriptScript file
    .xmlExtensible Markup Language (is used for different configuration files)
    .vmoAnimation file (contains the animations of objects and persons)
    .infoText file (contains the general information texts of the modification)

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