Audio (EM4)

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  • Namespace / class 'Audio'

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    Defined functions

    Source Code

    1. namespace Audio
    2. {
    3. int PlaySample(const char *File_);
    4. int PlaySample3D(const char *File_, const Vector &Pos_, bool looping_ = false);
    5. void PlaySample3D(int ref_, const Vector &Pos_, bool looping_ = false);
    6. int PlaySample3DAndReplace(const char* Sample_, const char* Sample2_, const Vector &Pos_);
    7. void UpdatePos(int ref_, const Vector &Pos_, const bool ImmediateUpdate_ = false);
    8. void SetVolume(int ref_, float volume_);
    9. void StopSample(int ref_);
    10. bool IsPlaying(int ref_);
    11. void PlayVideo(const char *File_);
    12. void SetMusicLevel(float Level_);
    13. float GetMusicLevel();
    14. void PlaySoundtrack(const char *Track_, float Level_=0.0f);
    15. void StopSoundtrack();
    16. bool PlayTextureVideo(const char *Texture_, const char *Video_, bool Loop_ = true );
    17. bool StopTextureVideo(const char *Texture_);
    18. bool IsTextureVideoPlaying(const char *Texture_);
    19. };
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