Webdisk Guidelines

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  • With regard to our [url='http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?filebase/']WebDisk[/url], we are striving for the fastest possible release of new downloads and the highest possible quality of the information offered. To ensure this, compliance with the following guidelines is necessary.

    Upload the file

    • For a file size smaller than 1 GB, the file has to be loaded into the WebDisk
    • Larger downloads may be provided by external service providers
    • Depending on the size of the file and the internet connection, the upload may take a few minutes
    Maximum number of downloads: 5
    Maximum filesize: 1 GB
    Allowed file extensions: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, zip, tar, gz, rar, txt, pdf, exe, xml, mp3, ogg, e4mod, e3mod, script, pages, numbers, keynote, odt, ods, odp, odg, mpeg, mpg, mp4, mov

    Notes to download PNG files: PNG files should be packed as ZIP or RAR archive before uploading. If the graphic is only provided as a PNG file, there is the risk that downloading the file without errors will not be possible under certain circumstances.

    Upload the preview image

    • Each download must have a meaningful preview image
    • The preview should show the main contents of the download (e.g. render or in-game screenshots for models, in-game screenshots for modifications, etc.)
    • Exceptions are scripts, tutorials, and other non-graphical downloads
    [b]Allowed file extensions[/b]: gif, jpg, jpeg und png

    General information

    • Titel: Meaningful title which describes the download exactly but as briefly as possible
    • Category: Matching category depending on download type (for more detailed information see below)
    • Tags: Terms to describe the download
    • Brief description: Brief summary of the content (only necessary for complex downloads or major modifications)

    Note to select the correct title: When selecting the title, you should take care of an exact naming. A vehicle is first named with the manufacturer, then with the series, then with the vehicle type and last with additional information (Mercedes Axor HLF (Ziegler)).

    Choosing the right category
    • See subcategories
    • Fire and Rescue stations → Subcategory "Stations"
    • Insulators → Category "Equipment"


    • The input field offers the same formatting options as a normal message board entry
    • The contents should be briefly described and summarized, especially for large projects
    • A single-line description is sufficient for smaller downloads
    • NO terms of use in the description
    • Headline "Screenshots:" above inserted screenshots (bold and underlined formatted)
    • The integration of screenshots and graphics by external service providers is not allowed

    File attachment (Screenshot)

    The preview image loaded in the second step is only a thumbnail in the WebDisk entry. Therefore, a high-resolution version of the preview graphics must be uploaded as a file clip (in the "Description" field, third tab below).

    • Multiple screenshots can also be made available and inserted into the form
    • After the screenshot has been uploaded, the file is inserted into the text field by clicking on the letter symbol on the right-hand side
    • Screenshots may only be inserted as a file attachment and not as a download
    • Special signaling systems → Subcategory "Special signaling systems"
    Maximum number of file attachments: 10
    Maximum file size: 5 MB
    Allowed file extensions: bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, txt, zip

    Additional Information

    • Version: Version number of the download (schema "1.0", deviation possible with own numbering)
    • Authors: Names of all authors separated by commas (In large projects naming the core team)
    • Terms of use: Numbered listing (schema „1)“) of the usage regulations
    • Suppor thread: Support topic for modification (if available)

    Inclusion in message board posts

    • The inclusion in message board posts is made via the BBCode below
    • The download number is located at the end of the link to the respective WebDisk entry

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