Mission 04 (EMERGENCY 2014)

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  • Information about the fourth mission of EMERGENCY 2014.

    EMERGENCY 2014 - Mission 04

    Caligula's end

    The asteroid is to be intercepted by the launch of a carrier rocket armed with nuclear warheads. However, the rocket has been damaged and the launch countdown had to be aborted. There were initial reports of an unregistered plane crashing on the launch site! Bring the situation there under control while the launch window is still open to enable the successful completion of this operation!

    TitleCaligula's end


    • Extinguish all fires!
    • Treat all casualties and take them to hospital (8)!
    • Stop all attackers (arrest or eliminate) (8)!

    Available units

    • 2x Air Ambulance
    • 2x Water Tender
    • 4x Water Tanker
    • 1x Heavy Rescue Vehicle
    • 1x Firefighting drone
    • 1x Firefighting helicopter command vehicle
    • 1x SWAT Helicopter
    • 2x Armoured Personnel Carrier
    • 2x Emergency Doctor
    • 2x Paramedics
    • 16x Firefighter
    • 11x Firefighter with Respirator Mask
    • 8x SWAT Marksman
    • 8x SWAT Sniper


    • Pacifist! Arrested all maniacs uninjured before the rocket launch!

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