Mission 11 (EMERGENCY 2012)

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  • Information about the eleventh mission of EMERGENCY 2012.

    EMERGENCY 2012 - Mission 11

    Innsbruck destroyed by Avalanche!

    A huge part of Innsbruck was destroyed by an avalanche. There are many civilian casualties. Rescue as many lives as possible!

    TitleInnsbruck destroyed by Avalanche!


    • Decontaminate (clean) all chemically contaminated casualties (10)!
    • Treat all casualties and take them to hospital (13)!

    Available units

    • 2x Emergency Doctor's Vehicle
    • 2x Ambulance
    • 2x Search and Rescue Dog Vehicle
    • 1x Mobile Intensive Care Unit
    • 1x Air Ambulance
    • 1x Police Van
    • 1x Paddywagon
    • 1x Engineer's Vehicle
    • 1x Heavy Duty Tow Truck
    • 1x Recovery Helicopter
    • 1x Heavy Rescue Vehicle
    • 1x Water Tanker
    • 1x Decontamination Vehicle
    • 1x Water Tender
    • 4x Emergency Doctor
    • 4x Paramedics
    • 2x SAR Dog
    • 6x Police Officer
    • 1x Engineer
    • 7x Firefighter
    • 5x Firefighter with Respirator Mask
    • 3x Firefighter with Hazmat Suit


    • Heroic Life-Saver: Rescued all people in Innsbruck from the flooded areas.

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