Freeplay events (EM4)

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  • A list of all freeplay events existing in EMERGENCY 4.
    Traffic Light Failure (technical defect)!500
    Running Amok with car! (Deluxe)5000
    Running Amok!4000
    Car Theft!1500
    Bank Robbery!1250
    Lightning Strike!1500
    Bomb Alert!3000
    Bomb exploded!15000
    Fire caused by naked flames!500 - 1500
    Fire, cause unknown!500 - 1500
    Fire, cause uncertain!500 - 1500
    Fire caused by faulty electrical appliance!500 - 1500
    Fire caused by negligent use of flammable material!500 - 1500
    Fire caused by firework!500 - 1500
    Fire caused by discarded cigarette!500 - 1500
    Earthquake Alter!15000
    Explosion in Sewage System!15000
    Vehicle on fire!1500
    Gas pipeline exploded!15000
    Building is on fire due to imploding TV set!2500
    Building is on fire due to an electric device shorting out!2500
    Building on fire and person injured due to imploding TV set!2500
    Building on fire and person injured due to electric device shorting out!2500
    Violent Hooligans!5000
    Violent Rioters!5000
    Violent Crime!2500
    Hailstorm! (Deluxe)7500
    Halloween: Zombie Alert (Deluxe)15000
    Illegal Demonstration!7500
    Multiple Pile-up!5000
    Medical Emergency: Heart Attack!1000
    Medical Emergency: Circulation Collapsed!500
    Medical Emergency: Food Poisoning!500
    Medical Emergency: Person injured in fall!250
    Medical Emergency: Person in Shock!250
    Medical Emergency: Stroke!750
    Murder victim found! (Deluxe)3000
    Person has been injured by imploding TV set!2500
    Person has been injured by receiving shock from electric device!2500
    Person missing! (Deluxe)2000
    Radioactive poison cloud leaked! (Deluxe)10000
    Saboteur! (Deluxe)7500
    Switch defective - Risk of electrocution! (Deluxe)2000
    Suicide Attempt! (Water)1000
    Suicide Attempt! (Rails)2000
    Suicide Attempt - person is threatening to jump!1500
    Sniper threatens people! (Deluxe)4000
    Trafficjam! (Deluxe)1500
    New Year fireworks! (Deluxe)5000
    Technical Failure of Level-Crossing Barriers!500
    Rabies Alert!2000
    Traffic Accident!500
    Traffic Accident! (Water)2000
    Bird flu! (Deluxe)2000
    Forest Fire!10000
    Hydrant damaged! (Deluxe)1000

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