Window Standards (EM4)

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  • Information about the car window standards for EMERGENCY 4.

    Window standards

    Introduction and history

    The so-called window standard is the only "standard" for the modding with EMERGENCY 4. The window standard specifies the colors used for the coloring of glass panes of models. This enables uniform rules for the entire EMERGENCY 4 community.

    The users Stormi and Tobbi had the idea already in 2009, since then, this idea has been established - today it is common for almost all models to use the window standard.

    Values for the window standards

    The window standard provides a colorful course for glass. The dark part of the winodw is at the top, the more brighter, however, is always to be found below. The values, which are indicated in the following diagram, are shown as hex values. All popular graphic programs can work with these values.

    Tip: For ease of processing, the graphics can be opened using a graphics program. You can pick the colors with the eyedropper tool - so it economizes the typing of numbers.

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