RAL color codes

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  • Information about RAL color codes for the color of emergency vehicles.

    RAL colors for emergency vehicles

    The following list includes the main colors of the aid organizations in Germany. It is intended as a quick guide, in order not to unnecessarily look far for color codes on the internet.
    So far, only the most important colors from Germany are maintained.


    30003000_ab2524.jpg171,37,36# ab2524Feuerrot - often used for older fire engines.
    30243024_f70000.jpg246,1,0# f70000Leuchtrot - used for modern fire truck, often in the form of films.
    30263026_ff0000.jpg254,0,0# ff0000Leuchthellrot - alternative to RAL 3024.

    Green and blue

    60296029_006f43.jpg0,111,68# 006f43Minzgrün - old police Green, today only in use in Saarland and Bavaria.
    50175017_004c91.jpg0,76,144# 004c91Verkehrsblau - current color of the police.
    50025002_2b2c7c.jpg43,44,124# 2b2c7cUltramarinblau - color of THW.

    Yellow and orange

    10161016_eaf044.jpg234,240,68# eaf044Schwefelgelb - comes with some emergency services in the form of sheets for use.
    10211021_eec900.jpg238,201,0# eec900Rapsgelb - color of ADAC.
    20042004_e75b12.jpg232,91,19# e85b13Reinorange - earlier color of civil protection.

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