UV-Mapping (EM4)

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  • Information about the UV mapping in EMERGENCY 4.



    First you have to create screenshots of all surfaces of the 3D models that will be used as a texture later. The screenshots are then collected in one single file. Caution: The length corresponds to the width of the overall texture!

    ZModeler UV-Map-preparation

    In ZModeler the texture must be assigned to the object:
    • For this we click the red ball in the menu bar.
    • In the new window, we can choose an appropriate name for the material.
    • Below, you see the term "Texture Layers". Here we click on the box with the three "..." and then click "ADD".
    • Search and add the texture, then click "OK".
    • In the material editor click "ASSIGN TO SELECTION" and then click "OK".
    • The texture can now be assigned to the model, you'll also have to order the surfaces.

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