Prefab Editing - AI (QSF)

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  • Information about prefab editing of AI.

    Editing the AI navigation options

    All units which are to be moved by the AI, need a "qsf::ai::NavigationComponent". This has already been created in all original prefabs and must be repeated only for certain prefabs when a value should be overwritten.

    For a correct movement of the Vehicle, the following Components are additionally required:
    • qsf::Transform (so that the object can be positioned in the world).
    • qsf::Movable (so that the object can move dynamically).
    • qsf::Action (so that the movement can be initiated via a move-action and interact with other actions.)
    • qsf::Collision (so that the size of the object can be used and others cars can slow down before the moving object at the correct distance.)

    Configurable values of the navigation component

    The following values are typically individually per Prefab adjustable:

    Maximum aspired speed in meters / second.

    Maximum rotational speed in degrees / second. With this you can control the reduced speed by braking in curves.

    Factor for maximum speed in reverse. 1 means, that the unit is as fast backwards as it can move forwards. Irrelevant for units, which are not allowed to move backwards.

    Duration of the pause when switching between forward and reverse.

    Value controls acceleration and braking. Higher means fast start and shorter distances.

    Radius of the desired turning circle of the unti. 0 means the unit can turn on the spot. The unit can drive more circles when the roads is big enough as well as smaller, if the ReduceTurningCircle option is enabled. In this case this is more of an ideal, desired turning circle.

    Determines how soft curves are driven when the turning radius allows leeway. Factor between 0 to 1.

    Distance to be kept on driving / walking traffic in meters.

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