Minimap (QSF)

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  • Information about creating a minimap.

    Create a minimap

    • Open the map in the editor that you want to create a minimap for.
    • Edit -> Map Properties -> Generate MiniMap (Button onthe left) -> Choose the location where to save the file.
    • You will get an ortographic screenshot of the map. Use this as a basis to create a minimap in Photoshop.

    Get your Minimap into the game

    • Export your minimap as dds to "em5/content/texture/minimap/".
    • The file should be called “minimap_*mapname*.dds” (e.g.
    • Minimaps should be 1024*1024 px, 8.8.8, No Alpha, No Mip Maps (compressed dds do not work).
    • Import the dds file by dragging it into the editor.
    • In the import dialog window, set the category to minimap.
    • Once your minimap is in the asset browser, you can assign it to your map under Edit -> Map Properties -> Map Properties -> MiniMap.

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