Metadata (QSF)

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  • Information about the 'Metadata' component.

    PrefabShows the prefab this Instance/Object is linked to.Should not be altered manually, since this could break the instance irreparably.
    PrototypeShows the unique ID for this InstancUseful for tracing after debug messages.
    NameName of this specific instance.Optional value and mainly used for organizing.
    DescriptionDescription of the instance (inherited from prefab).Optional value. Can be changed if necessary.
    TagsCustom tags for this instance (inherited from prefab).Can be used as search query in the Object Browser.
    LayerIdDefines in which Layer (Object Browser) the Entity is.
    QualityQuality tag. The object will only appear in game when the chosen quality setting (or lower) is active.Important when optimizing the level for lower quality settings. For example: A lot of the physical lights in game are tagged high or ultra quality, since their purpose is strictly cosmetic.

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