Flare (QSF)

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  • Information about the 'Flare' component

    ActiveControls whether the object will be active/visible in game.
    CastShadowsLets the object cast shadows in the level. (Irrelevant and non-functional within the Flare Component).On by default. Not recommended for things like decals and two dimensional objects/textures.
    BillboardTypeChoose between three billboard types (shape and orientation behavior of the flare). POINT, ORIENTED and PERPENDICULAR.Click on the links to learn more about the different types
    ColorChoose a color value for the flare.
    ItensitySet the intensity of the flare.
    VisibilityAngleNOT SURE
    WidthHeightDefine width and height values for the flare (the default is 1x1).
    DirectionThis lets you define what axis the flare object is oriented to. Controls the viewing angle."0" for locked axis, "1" for the axis the flare is supposed to face.
    OcclusionScaleSet a value for the occlusion scale of the flare object.This controls the rate of visibility when the flare object is placed behind another object/mesh. It is advised to work in rather small increments.
    MaterialSets the material this flare object is using.This needs to refer to a material, which has a flare atlas texture attached to it.
    AtlasTextureRowCountThis needs to refer to a material, which has a flare atlas texture attached to it.The index of a texture inside the atlas counts first across, then down. Top-left is 0, the one to the right of that is 1, an the lower-right is "stacks*slices-1".
    AtlasTextureSliceCountThe amount of textures (slice) per texture row (stacks).See above.
    AtlasTextureIndexThe texture index inside the atlas texture.See above.

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