EM5 Fire (QSF)

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  • Information about the 'EM5 Fire' component

    ActiveControls whether the object will be active/visible in game.
    FireStateThe current state of the fire.Every fire in EM5 has 4 different states it can be in. NOFIRE = the object is not burning | SMALLFIRE = the object is burning in small fire mode. Fire particles can be tagged individually to be shown/hidden in this sate (and all other states) | LARGEFIRE = the object ist burning in large fire mode. Again, all particles can be tagged individually to burn only in this state (or both in this and another state) via the EM5 Fire Particle Option Component. | DESTROYED = the object is destroyed and not burning anymore.
    FireMaterialThe name of the fire materail that is used for basic fire simulations.These can be created individually but there is also a wide pool of templates from which you can chose.
    HardRadiusEntities inside the HardRadius take full damage from the fire.
    SoftRadiusEntities inside the SoftRadius take less damage, depending on the distiance to the fire source.Must be at least the value of the HardRadius.
    EnergyCurrent energy of the fire.these values only change when the entity is burning.
    TotalDamageAmmount of used energy.See above
    FireParticlesLinked fire particle effects (IDs)This gets filled automatically when linking Fire particles into an objects "Fire Particles" Slot

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