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  • A plugin is an extension of the functions of EMERGENCY 5 / EMERGENCy 2016, which has to be created by a programmer.


    A plugin extends the functions of EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016 and has to be created by programmers. The file ending of plugins is dll.

    Inlcuding plugins

    In order to load plugins into the game, you'll have to include them into the project.

    Create a x64 directory

    At first you'll have to create another folder with the name x64 in your project directory. The project directory has to look like this (it's possible, that there are more directories than shown):

    Copy plugin DLL file

    If the Visual Studio project wasn't prepared to copy the dll file automatically into the x64 directory after the build process, you'll have to do it manually. The x64 should includ all dll files which will be used by the current project.

    Edit project.json

    Every used plugin has to be included into the project.json file. For editing the file, you'll have to open it with any suitable text editor.

    Below the term 'Plugins' you should enter all file names of the plugins as key and the string em5_game em5_editor as value. The string defines, that the plugin will be loaded both ingame in in the editor. Every single entry has to be separated by comma (official json specification).

    After the inclusion of the new entry, the file should look like this (some of the settings beneath the plugins can be different):

    Source Code: project.json

    1. {
    2. "Format": {
    3. "Type": "Project",
    4. "Version": "1" },
    5. "Properties": {
    6. "Name": "Demo Projekt",
    7. "Locked": "false",
    8. "Version": "0.0.0",
    9. "Author": "Unknown",
    10. "Description": "" },
    11. "AssetPackages": [
    12. "content"
    13. ],
    14. "Plugins": {
    15. "plugin1": "em5_game em5_editor",
    16. "plugin2": "em5_game em5_editor"
    17. }
    18. }
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