ScriptSerializer (EM4)

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  • Namespace / class 'ScriptSerializer'

    Table Of Contents

    Defined functions

    Source Code

    1. class ScriptSerializer
    2. {
    3. public:
    4. ScriptSerializer();
    5. ~ScriptSerializer(void);
    6. bool IsValid() const;
    7. int Write(const char *String_);
    8. int Write(int Value_);
    9. int Write(unsigned int Value_);
    10. int Write(long Value_);
    11. int Write(float Value_);
    12. int Write(char Value_);
    13. int Write(unsigned char Value_);
    14. int Write(unsigned short Value_);
    15. int Write(bool Value_);
    16. int Write(Actor &Actor_);
    17. int Write(GameObject &Obj_);
    18. int Write(Person &Person_);
    19. int Write(Vehicle &Vehicle_);
    20. int Write(OpenHouse &House_);
    21. int Write(FireObject &Fireobject_);
    22. int Write(SpawnPoint &SpawnPoint_);
    23. int Write(Path &Path_);
    24. int Write(ActorList &List_);
    25. int Write(GameObjectList &List_);
    26. int Write(PersonList &List_);
    27. int Write(VehicleList &List_);
    28. int Write(FireObjectList &List_);
    29. int Write(OpenHouseList &List_);
    30. int Write(PathList &List_);
    31. int Write(Vector &Value_);
    32. int Read(char *&String_);
    33. int Read(int &Value_);
    34. int Read(unsigned int &Value_);
    35. int Read(long &Value_);
    36. int Read(float &Value_);
    37. int Read(char &Value_);
    38. int Read(unsigned char &Value_);
    39. int Read(unsigned short &Value_);
    40. int Read(bool &Value_);
    41. bool ReadBool();
    42. int Read(Actor &Actor_);
    43. int Read(GameObject &Obj_);
    44. int Read(Person &Person_);
    45. int Read(Vehicle &Vehicle_);
    46. int Read(OpenHouse &House_);
    47. int Read(FireObject &Fireobject_);
    48. int Read(SpawnPoint &SpawnPoint_);
    49. int Read(Path &Path_);
    50. int Read(ActorList &List_);
    51. int Read(GameObjectList &List_);
    52. int Read(PersonList &List_);
    53. int Read(VehicleList &List_);
    54. int Read(FireObjectList &List_);
    55. int Read(OpenHouseList &List_);
    56. int Read(PathList &List_);
    57. int Read(Vector &Value_);
    58. unsigned int GetVersion() const;
    59. };
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