VobjTerrain (EM4)

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  • Namespace / class 'VobjTerrain'

    Source Code

    1. Airplane only
    2. Barricade
    3. CameraFloor
    4. CameraFloorNoLanding
    5. DeepWater
    6. Diver
    7. Freely accessible
    8. Helilanding
    9. Land
    10. Land / no animals
    11. Land / no persons
    12. No animals
    13. No helicopter
    14. No helicopter or boat
    15. No vehicles
    16. No vehicles no heli
    17. Person only
    18. RailCrossing
    19. Rails
    20. RailsNoOffroad
    21. Road
    22. Road Block
    23. Road no squad no civilian
    24. Road no squad or heli
    25. Shallow Water
    26. TLRed
    27. Urban rails
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