Path (EM4)

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  • Namespace / class 'Path'

    List of PathTypes

    Source Code

    1. enum PathType
    2. {
    5. PATH_LOOP,
    7. };

    Defined functions

    Source Code

    1. class Path : public Actor
    2. {
    3. public :
    4. Path();
    5. Path(const Path& Obj_);
    6. Path(const Actor* Act_);
    7. ~Path();
    8. virtual bool IsValid() const;
    9. void SetOnFinishDeleteObject( bool delete_);
    10. bool GetOnFinishDeleteObject() const;
    11. void SetPathType(PathType type_);
    12. PathType GetPathType() const;
    13. Vector GetStartPosition() const;
    14. float GetDistance(const Vector &Pos_) const;
    15. float GetPathSpeed();
    16. const Path &operator=(const Path &Obj_);
    17. int GetNumPoints();
    18. Vector GetPoint(int index_);
    19. int GetPointID(int index_);
    20. Vector GetNearestPoint(const Vector &v_);
    21. int GetNearestPointIndex(const Vector &v_);
    22. };
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