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  • 'EMERGENCY Police' was released on the 02nd of August 2001 by the developer Sixteen Tons Entertainment and publisher Koch Media. The first offshoot of the EMERGENCY series has 15 missions and is based on the police work.

    The graphic and gameplay elements are based on EMERGENCY: Fighters For Life. The player can command a special tactics and weapons team as new addition to the game.

    Table Of Contents


    Mission number
    Mission name
    1Punter threatens with his suicide
    2Raid on money transport
    3Confused man raids kindergarten
    4Poison on the fair
    6Tank on mad drive
    7Plane hijacking
    9Kidnapping of CEO
    10Gorillas have escpaed
    11Bank robbery
    12Blackmailer poisones food
    13Monsterlion II attacks
    14Actor on the run
    15Raid on the queen

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