Blue light incorrect

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  • Blue light incorrect

    Art des Bugs: Grafik/Fahrzeug

    Detaillierte Beschreibung: Blue light on the BF HLFs, first Zug-RTW, HLF of FF 4 and 6 incorrect

    Schritte zur Reproduktion:

    EMERGENCY-Spielversion: Emergency 2017

    Spielzeit: form the beginning

    Zusatz / sonstige Informationen:
  • The Problem is already known and relatively easy to fix!

    Jan wrote:

    It seems that the Shin-Through effect causes problems for some Players. For some the Bluelights look weird and for others the whole Game-World darkens.

    It can be easily deactivated via a Config File. You can find this file under your Emergency User-Data Files and is called emergency_5_settings.json. In this file you can find the Value: „ShineThroughActive“. Just set it from „true“ to „false“ and this Graphic Bug should be fixed!
    Be aware that the Emergency Launcher and the Game aren’t running while Saving the Config File! Otherwise your changes won’t be saved!

    Jan wrote:

    How to find your User-Data Files

    (Even though my Launcher is in German the Button for that should be in the same spot!)

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