Bieberfelde vehicles swapping crash

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  • Bieberfelde vehicles swapping crash

    Hello everyone, I have a big probelm. I made that BFE RD skin placed on the Hemer NEF from ISL and I wanted to put it in the original BFE as NEF from 1st RW.
    In ISL it is considered as 13_82_01, so I changed name in the editor as 11_82_01 wich is supposed to be the good one. I also replaced the e4p files to be as near as I can to the optimized version.

    The problem is that the vehicles spawns in game and inits as 11_82_01 so it's all good so far but when I press the Alarm button of it, my game just crashes

    I didn't edited any scripts or something on the vehicle, only the name of the main e4p and of the vehicle in game, as it is in ISL but at a different slot.

    Maybe someone here have an idea of where the problem comes from and how can I resolve it?

    UPDATE : Problem solved, I copied every lights, doors and wheels from mine to the original NEF and everything worked perfectly, weird.
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