Station 3 engine 2 ( 16ts? ) water logistic not working

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  • Station 3 engine 2 ( 16ts? ) water logistic not working


    Type of bug: Gameplay | Level Design | Graphics | Vehicles | Technical

    Detailed description: I started a fire in the top right corner. There is a main road a parking lot and 2 fields. I notice really quickly that was a bad idea because only one hydrant so i thought lets test station 3. Engine on was station next to the field . i placed to manifold one left side of the field the other one to the right. I stationed the engine 2 on the other of the road. FIrst i placed 2 hoses from the hydrant to the pump and than 2 hoses to engine 1. no issues there both pump are started but the water was passed on the engine 1 but i clearly could see it was passed on from the hydrant to engine 2. I called than backup and replaced engine 2 with engine one from station 5 and long and behold water got passed on to engine 1 from station 3.

    I hope this problem gets fixed soon please because in em 4 was tham my favorite engine because it had 2 pumps :)

    Steps to reproduce:

    EMERGENCY game version: steam uptodate

    Playing time: 7min23 sec

    Addition / other information: