Turntable ladder with endless hoses ?

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  • Turntable ladder with endless hoses ?


    Type of bug: Gameplay | Level Design | Graphics | Vehicles | Technical

    Detailed description: I just finish off my building fire and send undeployed my ladder. I have send the ladder back to base As soon as the undeployment was finish. Shortly after I notice a long hose line along the road. I thought to my self im sure i haven't order a large water logistic so i followed the line to find out who done that mess. After following the line half across the city I notice the line ended behind the ladder. Strange question how is that even possible because there is no function for in this version to connect hose to the ladder ?

    No screenshots obtain because steam decided not to save them after the game crashed shortly after but I have retrieved a crash report hope that should bring some light to this interesting function.

    Steps to reproduce:

    EMERGENCY game version: steam uptodate

    Playing time: 12min 37 sec

    Addition / other information:EMERGENCY5_error_report_210223-124306.zip

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