Assitance , Crash to desktop

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  • Assitance , Crash to desktop

    Type of bug: Gameplay Technical

    Detailed description: Hallo :saint: I am experienced crashes desktop when I start BFENG, I choose the main Bieberfelde map, I have installed the manual Mod as indicated in the streaming release. I do not know what else to do . I just bought emergency 20 from steam, I have tried to change the Language of the game in German but the problem persists. attached screenshot.
    THANKS for your daily work.
    Steps to reproduce: Manual install , STEAMAPPS/COMMON/EMERGENCY20/DATA/ tick on in modification submenu in launcher, I Choose Bieberfelde Map ,

    EMERGENCY game version: 4.2.0

    Playing time: btw 1 minute to 20 minutes

    Addition / other information:
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  • I have compiled this information, , I also attach screenshot of my main menu, Maybe I have installed it wrong.
    EDIT: The vehicles names and events looks diferent
    EDIT2: I fix the vehicles names and main menu names changing language , Spanish to English
    EDIT3: Delete cache , manuall installation & repair the game in steam = less crashes.

    Sorry for my poor english.
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