Names of vehicles and spawn units doesn't appear right

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    • Names of vehicles and spawn units doesn't appear right


      in the vehicle menu, the names doesn't appear as "1 engine with equipment" or "2 ambulances" but appear as the files name (I guess, I'm not really sure). I made some screenshots to show you what I mean, I only stated to play wuppertal mod and I don't the vehicles and this bug on my computer doesn't make it easier for me. Do you know how to fix it ?

      Otherwise, I find this mod very nice, the vehicles are pretty and enjoyable to play with. Lots of options and made it very realistic. I love it so far otherwise.

      • wuppertal 1.png

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    • We can only give in german or english language support. It seems your game is in french. Thats why the strings are missing.

      To fix this problem, you need to create french namespace files. You can find the german or English Files in your Emergency Wuppertal Folder, (../local/localization/en). The way, how we created the english files, you need to create them in french.

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      Thanks ! I figured so, and I tried to change the language of my game but can't find where. I choosed during the installation (I'm from the french speaking part of Switzerland, so I also speak German (a little) and english) so either language would have been easier than ID-05-1929s-1912 hahaha.

      Thank you I will try to change that ! I

      Again congrats on this mod. Makes me to try to mod but even skining seems be more complicated than I first thought.

      Thanks for the quick answer and have a good day.

      Edit : for anyone reading this in the future : I just created a folder called "fr" in the same folder than "en" and "de". I copied the files from the folder "en" and passed them in the folder "fr". In the game, I have every name correctly writtent, in English (not French but it's the same for me). It works fine and very easy.

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      By the way,my mod doesn't have any problem.But I want to translate wuppertal mod into Chinese so that can let more people to play it easier.I use patch to added Chinese fonts into the EM20 original game and now it's Chinese.Is there any method to let wuppertal mod translate to Chinese and what things that I should notice?
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      well there are just these localization files which you can open with notepad.

      you have to create a folder for your language next to "de" (deutsch - german) and "en" - english.

      the em5_namespace. ts or what it is called is a merged file. where our entries where at the bottom (dont remember exactly sorry)

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