Emergency chapter stories

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    • Emergency chapter stories

      I liked how they created the game since 1998

      For instance the Emergency fighters for life
      Took place in germany, but the style is american

      , after Emergency 2 came out it was the the end 2D (old chapter)

      But with more german stuff. In 2005 Emergency 3 came out and begun a (3D chapter book)

      after that Emergency 4 came out as part 2 of the 3rd

      Going out globally into missions around the World

      (like they ended emergency 3 with dirty bomb chapter but the part 2 ended with huge earthquake and tsunami)

      With upgraded personell and new tech

      And then Emergency 2012 2013 2014
      Came out (HD chapter) those games resemble the (2012) film taking place all of europe with chaos

      And then 2014 Emergency 5 came out and begun the (Cyber Era chapter)

      With completely new engine and models

      And taking place only in Germany

      And it possibly ended with Emergency 2017

      We might possibly get new chapter too...

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