Three-Dimensional platform

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    • Three-Dimensional platform

      Hello, today I'm here ti show you my new model made with other italian modders, It reguards a three dimensionale ladder, used in Italy expecially in cases of restricted spaces where the Classic ladder Is unable to work properly.
      What do you think about It?
      Soon new pics and models
      • IMG-20200809-WA0154.jpg

        123.54 kB, 1,600×900, viewed 26 times
      • IMG-20200809-WA0169.jpg

        354.03 kB, 1,600×900, viewed 21 times
      • IMG-20200809-WA0170.jpg

        338.77 kB, 1,600×900, viewed 24 times
      • IMG-20200809-WA0167.jpg

        340.83 kB, 1,600×900, viewed 23 times
      • IMG-20200809-WA0134.jpg

        342.33 kB, 2,000×1,125, viewed 20 times