Adding NEW vehicle in BFEMP 1.1 fails

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  • Adding NEW vehicle in BFEMP 1.1 fails

    Hello everyone!

    I've been trying to add a completely new vehicle in the Bieberfelde Modification 1.1. In the proces two problems occured, being:

    - My .e4p-file is not showing in the Prototypes folder.
    - The added vehicle is not showing commands (lights, parking, etc.) and isn't spawned when using the "Leitstelle".

    The following steps have been taken:
    - Made a new prototype in the editor with the right names (PP_20_04/STW_10_1)
    - Placed it's VO and path at the main fire station.
    - Created a new unit file (copy and pasted from 20_01 and changed the names).
    - Changed the strings (Bieberfelde and portraits.xml)
    - Changed the specs (freeplaybase and portraits.xml)
    - Modified the following scripts:
    - Bieberfelde.script (VCmdInit, VCmdAlarm, goHome_pfs)
    - VCmdStart.script (POL02=9 to 10)

    After a few days of trail and error, I just don't know what to do any more. I really hope someone is able to find the problem and help me out.

    Added some screenshots to clarify what I've said.