Increasing the range of a turntable ladder

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  • Increasing the range of a turntable ladder

    I've noticed this in pretty much all mods I've played, but mostly in the LA mod and Bieberfelde: The turntable ladders are pretty much completely useless for firefighting, since their range is super limited. The ladder simply refuses to extend to reach the fire. I've tried looking through the Extinguish script on how it's done, but the only thing I could find was a function called something like "useDLKLogic" (DLK is the German short for turntable ladder). At this point, I simply figured there would be something hardcoded into the game that limits the reach for the ladder. However, now I'm watching a video on the Ocean City mod (which is private as far as I can tell), and there I see the turntable ladder extending a long way to fight a fire, so I've got hope again.
    Does anyone know anything about how this range for the ladders can be extended?