Der alte USSR Mod

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  • Der alte USSR Mod

    Hallo allerseits, ich suche eine alte Version des "UdSSR Mod", in der das Feuerwehrauto die "Abgashorn" verwendet hat. Der Grund, den ich hier frage, ist, dass ich aus irgendeinem Grund im Forum "Emergency Planet" kein Konto erstellen kann und daher den Download nicht erhalten kann.


    Hey guys, I was looking for the old version of the "USSR Mod" Where the fire engines used the "exhaust horn" Basically sounds like a train whistle. This version here.
    In the comments I saw that the creator said he removed this siren and replaced it for the next version (the only version I could find) and I have reasons to believe that it might be on the forum "emergency planet" But for some reason I am unable to make an account for emergency planet so I cannot download it.