Working with the Fire Department

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    • Working with the Fire Department


      I'm new with the Wuppertal Mod. Playing with it, I still have some questions regarding working with the fire crew, cause there are things that I don't understand. So please have patience with me, I really like to learn.

      1) Once the Engine arrives at the scene, all the firemen get out and I notice there is a commanding officer (yellow/orange coat) who lets you, once clicked on, show you the places on the sidewalk where to place your hydrant. I managed to let a fireman hook up the hydrant to the Engine with a fire hose, but I don't know how to pump water from the hydrant into the Engine so it would never run out of water. I then let a fireman hook up a fire hose to the Engine, but he's not receiving any water. I think it has everything to do with the fireman with the green gear wheel icon above his head. Is he the operator? If so, how do I get him to work to let the engine receiving water from the hydrant and feeding water to the fire hoses from the firemen? Mouse clicking on him apparently does not work.

      2) The moment I place a hydrant there is a white turning icon floating above the hydrant. What does this mean?

      I hope you guys can help me out here and let me know.

      Thanks in advance.

      Robert. ;)
      I always think very hard before asking stupid questions... ;-)
    • so the easiest way is to using the group leader (commanding officer).
      To get a water supply running: press with him on any of the underground hydrants nearby the engine (hose length limit is 50 meters). Then the crew will do what is needed (get a hose->run to the hydrant->connect the hose with the hydrant-> run to the engine and connect it with the engine)
      To get your guys to extinguish: (two free firefighters are needed). Press with the leader on the connector-button. You'll now be able to select a location where your connector will be placed. The second fire fighter will connect the first hose to the connector. With each connector you can have 3 Firefighters connected.

      manual control is like this:
      1. guy ->get hose ->connect to vehicle->go to a good location->use the place connector button
      2.guy->get hose-> wait-> go to location and connect with the switch

      You got it right- it is the operator but you are not able to control him - it is done by automatism

      Some documentation (german)…age.action?pageId=2490874…age.action?pageId=1802315
      Some gameplay (watch at 29 min):

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