Buenos Aires Mod - WIP

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    • Buenos Aires Mod - WIP

      For a long time I have been wanting to do this.
      For now, I will be making the vehicles 3D models and its textures. The mod may transform into some kind of LA Sub-mod in the future, but its to early to tell.
      This is a first for me, so 3D models, textures and features will be pretty basic (At least for now). Maybe I won't even include any type of animation beside lighting in them.

      The mod takes place in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires.
      The units I will be making first will be Firefighters.

      *This list is subject to change

      I'm open to questions.

      PD: Don't expect a release anytime soon.

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    • darkymetal100 wrote:

      hola bro cuando lo vas a tener listo? soy de argentina
      ESP: Hola, sigo trabajando en el pero muy lentamente ya que comencé a estudiar en la universidad y eso me consume mucho tiempo. Va a tardar.

      EN (The thread is flagged as EN): Hi, I'm still working on it, but the development is going very slowly due to studies, which consume a lot of time. It's gonna take a while.
    • tomas34 wrote:

      hola que tal, como vas con el mod? siempre estuve interesado en hacer uno de ARG actual, cualquier duda aca estare: Saludos.
      ES: Gracias por el interés, Tomás. El desarrollo no se detuvo, pero viene lento por el tiempo que me consume la facultad.

      EN: Thanks for the interest Tomás, development has not stopped but is moving very slowly due to college.
    • So, I lost that first 3D model I did a while ago, which, looking at it now, may be a good thing.
      Progress has been made regarding skins. I have decided to rely on already existing 3D assets for most of the mod.
      I will be updating the first post one of these days. Thanks for the patience!

      While I get to know myself better with photoshop and the Em4 editor, I will leave here this screenshot.
      Original model credits go to Miggles, EmC-Unit and Itchboty, whose US Navy 1998 Pierce Dash Engine 1.0.0 can be found in the Emergency Planet forum.

      By the way, does anyone know how to place the camera closer to the ground in the editor?
    • ikzay iker wrote:

      Hola! Animo con el mod. Hace tiempo probe uno de argentina (Y grabe video para mi canal de youtube) pero me dijeron que estaba bastante mal en cuanto a las unidades.

      Asique como jugador y modder, mucho animo y ojala poder jugar con un mod de sudamerica (Que hay pocos)!
      Hola! Gracias por el ánimo. Yo desde el lanzamiento de EM4 quise un mod de Argentina. Hubo un par, pero la verdad dejaban mucho que desear. Habrá que ver cómo me sale a mí. Saludos!

      So. These are the repaints I don't feel bad sharing. They aren't final and there is still room for improvement. More are being actively worked on.

      ^ SAME Ambulance, I haven't found a lightbar that fits it yet. Credits go to Stormi, Florian Hagen and Fireguy from emergency-forum.de (Vielen Dank!)

      ^ Bomberos de la Ciudad Tanker (Cisterna). I still have to repaint the blue lights and scale the model down, if possible, as it is huge. This model has been recently uploaded to this website by Chidea, FFNRÜ, Geronimo EKIA and Marcel7890.

      Best regards.
    • So, I've decided to make my own lightbars. It's a first for me, so they may look bad.


      Original models:
      Pierce Dash Engine: Miggles, EmC-Unit and Itchboty (EM-Planet)
      Ford Ranger: Flash Over and D4rk_Bone (Here)
      Kingvox Lightbar: Me :)

      There's still work to do on these repaints, and I'm yet to find good tires for the Ranger, but progress is being made.
    • SotaTUC wrote:

      Se ve bueno el mod, registre mi cuenta solo para comentar esto jaja, sigue en desarrollo el mod? estaria bueno poder descargarlo cuando este listo, porque vi que hay uno de argentina pero esta algo incompleto
      ES: Seguir, sigue. El tema es que va lentísimo. Entre la universidad, y otros proyectos personales de mayor importancia, es MUY poco el tiempo que le dedico a este proyecto. Cada tanto lo agarro y hago varias cosas de una, pero por ahí después no lo toco por hasta meses. Con suerte, me va bien en la facultad y este verano le meto duro.

      EN: basically, project is still alive, but progress is very slow and constantly interrupted because of personal life.