Buenos Aires Mod - (Starting Development)

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    • Buenos Aires Mod - (Starting Development)

      For a long time I have been wanting to do this.
      For now, I will be making the vehicles 3D models and its textures. The mod may transform into some kind of LA Sub-mod in the future, but its to early to tell.
      This is a first for me, so 3D models, textures and features will be pretty basic (At least for now). Maybe I won't even include any type of animation beside lighting in them.

      The mod takes place in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires.
      The units I will be making first will be Firefighters.

      *This list is subject to change

      Only photo I can share for now (WIP):

      I'm open to questions.

      PD: Don't expect a release anytime soon.

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    • darkymetal100 wrote:

      hola bro cuando lo vas a tener listo? soy de argentina
      ESP: Hola, sigo trabajando en el pero muy lentamente ya que comencé a estudiar en la universidad y eso me consume mucho tiempo. Va a tardar.

      EN (The thread is flagged as EN): Hi, I'm still working on it, but the development is going very slowly due to studies, which consume a lot of time. It's gonna take a while.