I can't send officers back to base!

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    • I can't send officers back to base!

      In the default game, if one of my emergency car explode or something or left crew behind; I can send a car wtihout crew in it to pick the officers up. But in the Wuppertal 0.9.4b, I can't choose an empty car to pick officers up to base. Some cars have choice to see the crew in it but I can't click on the officers to empty it.

      Also I have another question: I saw there are responde types in a video. (For example: Traffic accident small, forest fire, traffic accident large etc.)
      But in my game, There are only options like: Alert fire department, alert fire unit, alert engine, alert 2 engines etc.
      Is that because of my game or did you just update it to not make the game really easy?

      Thanks from now, have a great one!