Creating parking spots for vehicles

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  • Creating parking spots for vehicles

    How do Folks,
    Apologies on being late to the party as such but I have recently found an interest in the map editor with EM4 however honestly have no idea how it works. After multiple tutorials, most being in a foreign language and trying to wrap my brain around all the functions my attention span deteriorated dramatically, so I point towards anyone who can help me with my dilemma below

    I play the LA Mod 2.1 almost religously everytime I come on to EM4 and haven't really played with any other such mod because of how versatile Hoppahs mod is. However I noticed that on some submods made of Hoppahs LA mod that there were additional parking spots for extra vehicles. Now I understand these submods are not available to the public anymore for whatever reason the authors of those submods choose and I respect. However I am aiming to replicate the parking spots for my own personal game such as adding an EMS Crown Vic to the smaller station along with a brush truck or similar units to the fire stations.... However I am a COMPLETE dunce when it comes to the editor and anyone here who would kindly have the time to give me a step by step detailed explanation as to how to add these Parking Spots into the map I would be so grateful. On top of which I have come to learn that Virtual Objects or VOs are mainly to do with this

    Anyways, any light that could be shed on this would be greatly appreciated as I am coming close to being out of options now I am afraid

    Many Thanks,