L.A Upgraded Units V3.0

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    • Hey guys,
      I have some exciting news to share with the community today. In the last few days, Goog and I welcomed a fresh addition to the team, @Mentor1159, to help with the scripting side of things, and because of this, he gave wind to our sail. In the last couple days, he worked hard at introducing additional features to the modification that enabled a fresh game-play experience, keeping in mind of how the LAFD operates in the actual world.

      First, he introduced the limited water supply script. This means that all engine apparatuses will have limited water in the tank, and will require connection to the hydrant to supplement more water. This also comes with a display that tells you the water level. In order to operate the pump, it requires an engineer to activate the pump. At a push of a button, the engineer will automatically ready himself at the pump, and other firefighters will deploy a line to the hydrant, and stretch an attack line to the fire. You can also stretch supply lines to other engine/truck companies in proximity, such as the tiller, in order to allow aerial water operation. Also, every time you operate the deck gun, a firefighter will be assigned to it.

      He has also changed the system of how fire trucks are staffed. All engines, truck and special purposed apparatuses will be staffed according to the LAFD apparatus model.
      Four members staffs the engine companies, including a Captain, an engineer, and two firefighters, Older engine apparatuses will be a paramedic assessment company, meaning that they include a firefighter/paramedic as part of the crew. Using this set-up will also allow you to operate either as a Life Force ( a pump engine and a ladder truck) or a Task Force (simply a life force coupled with an additional engine.) A task force usually responds to larger incidents such as structural fires, all operating together.

      One of my favorite changes he has done for us was that he completely overhauled and re-designed how fire station 1 is set up. As seen in the video, he added three engines (One KME, one new Pierce, and one older pierce,) along with a tiller truck, USAR truck, one ALS and one BLS ambulance inside the station. This is to replicate how a larger standard LAFD fire station operates. There are sufficient resources staffed in that station for you to dispatch to a majority of calls on the map. Additional units will be added to the station (such as brush truck, LEV truck,) they will probably position behind the station in the future. The rest of the units can be called off the map.

      He also added a Stryker and spinal board, incorporated into the ambulance models. Among the changes, he has introduced an engine on/off script that allows you to turn on the engine of any vehicle on the map, and will require you to activate emergency lights. All models will require at least one person inside the vehicle in order to move it around. If there is nobody inside, the vehicle will not move. I am excited to see these recent changes and have had a pleasure playing free-play in the last two days, and I am very excited for you guys to share the experiences I had.

      Mentor1159 will be instrumental in achieving the vision that Goog and I had for the project, and we are excited to see what else he has in store for us down the road. So in the meantime, enjoy the video, and let us know what you think ! We will keep you posted for further development news from him.

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    • Hey guys, I wanted to show you the fresh changes that are being made to all the LED lights on our LAFD trucks, specifically, the Whelen 900 series lights. They did not satisfy me, so I compared it to one of my own 900's light and see what needs improving.

      You'll see the differences in the video. I will do this fresh changes on all models that contain the 900s, and may further it to the rest of other whelen lights to reflect its accuracy.

    • Hi mate!

      Very good job with that models and also with the light, they look very real.

      I would like to talk with you about some moddels. So ther is any way to talk with you for example via email or private message here?

      Thanks and continue with the hard work!