L.A Upgraded Units V3.0

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    • It's been real quiet here lately, so I thought I'd share a couple videos that I took these past two days playing in free play with the units, not to tease you guys but to give you an idea of what to expect gameplay wise. Also, please note that Youtube majorly messed up the quality of my videos, rendering them darker than they really are. Other than this, enjoy.

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    • Another free play/escort video, this time showing off the latest addition to the project, NFPA lights park-kill, spotlights on law enforcement vehicles and fire apparatus perimeter lighting. I also added in the LAFD fire station tone-out with a custom dispatch phrasing.
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      Hi guys, Thank you all for the continuing support, it's helping motivate myself and Goog to continue the project for you guys.

      I wanted to show you the latest model that I just finished lighting up, a CHP crown victoria slick-top unit, with multi-function lighting set-up as per real life specs. I did a little demo for you guys in the beginning, and how it would look like on a callout. I also updated all the fire engines to have scene lighting, to illuminate your callout environments if needed. Newer apparatuses will have LED scene lights, while older units will have halogen. Ambulances are next on the list. I will probably do the CHP dodge chargers this weekend, if not, the explorers/Tahoe.
      let us know what you think !!
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      I will be working on the units soon, and will live-stream it. Check it out if you're interested.

      Edit : Thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed the new CHP dodge charger, and a bit of in-game action. If you missed the stream, check back on this video when it's done processing and skip through throug near the end of the video to see the new lights, or take notes for making your own lights.

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