Wegberg 7 English Translation pack

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    • Wegberg 7 English Translation pack

      over the last few months i have been working on a English Translation pack for Wegberg 7 i am currently 44% way through


      but i am at the point that i am ready for a alpha release and i am planing to start distributing this from the 1/1/2019 (so tomorrow)a link to it will be posted below when it available

      What it includes so far:

      • Translated item names
      • Translated dialog menus
      • Translated automatic dispatch

      What it will include:

      • Translated manual dispatch
      • Translated pager messages
      • Translated information messages

      what it wont include:

      • Translated audio
      • Translated firemen names

      I have made contact with FT Software for permission two months ago and I haven't received a reply so I presume its ok