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    • (International) Thin Red Line Gaming

      While browsing the game forums for both 911 First Responders and other first responder related games, I couldn't find any "professional" but fun communities that were worth joining in my opinion. I felt like a community needed to be ran like an organization but more fun, this means internal structure, staff, etcetera. While not having a specific modification or primary game to play, we play a list of games and modifications revolving around first responders. So far, our game list consists of two games which are;
      • EmergeNYC
      • 911 First Responders
        • Crestview Valley
        • Haverhill, Massachusetts
        • West Lampeter Township
        • Manhattan & Brooklyn Modification
        • Bieberfelde Multiplayer Modification
      Most of the modifications listed are playing with the "fair use" policy and we do not intend to edit the modifications in any way for our community, however, if a mod creator would like us to cease using their modification for game play we will gladly oblige.