Resolution problem

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  • Resolution problem


    Today I wanted to play emergency 4, but after the game was launched I encountered an unusual problem with resolution. Namely, yesterday I still had a full screen during the emergency 4 game, and today after the game was started, the screen looks as if it had been trimmed from the right and left sides by half. I just want to add that I didn't change anything in the graphics settings of the game and it is set as recently as last time, where everything worked properly. If any of you write to uninstall the game, I would like to say that I have already done so and it has not produced a result. The game is original purchased on the Steam platform and all system requirements are fulfilled. I also include a screenshot as proof of the problem.

    I made a screen shot using a screenshot through the windows "print screen", so please do not pay attention to the system options only on the black bars on the left and right of the screenshot.

    I greet and wish you a nice day.
  • Hi,
    please go to your Emergency installation folder (....\sixteen tons entertainment\Emergency4\) and open the config file which is named Em4.cfg

    Search for this two lines and change the value to this:
    <var name="r_xres" value="1920" />
    <var name="r_yres" value="1080" />

    I think that will solve your issue.
    R.I.P. SJonny :-(

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