Harbor city mod and Squad 55

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    • Harbor city mod and Squad 55

      Hello! Just wanted to let you guys know that Squad 55 is alive and well! We are always recruiting and looking for YOU! Just follow the instructions below! Looking forward to seeing You!

      Runit61 [55-61]
      Squad 55

      Squad 55 is always accepting new applications!
      Stop by our website at ccgaming.net/ and click on "Join Us" and follow the instructions given.

      Website: ccgaming.net/
      Teamspeak IP:
      Facebook: facebook.com/squad55em4/

      Squad 55 Offers:

      -80+ Active Members! (All around the world!)
      -Daily Operation/Casual Gaming
      -Friendly & Fun Environment
      -Realistic Ops Game Play
      -Chance to climb the ladder to become an Officer/FTO/Admin!
      -Daily Trainings to improve game skill (No Experience is Necessary!)
      -Games with a Live Dispatcher with fully operational CADs
      -Custom Membership Mod of Harbor City! (Squad 55 Mod) + Early Access Updates
      -Your Opinion matters to us!! Members vote on major changes to the mod/squad ops/rules at Monthly Squad Meetings
      -Play other games with members such as Company of Heros 2, Rocket League, ARMA, minecraft , Battlefield, GTAV, Etc....

      Squad 55 Requirements:

      1. Must be at least 15 years of age (Maturity is a must!)
      2. Teamspeak 3 w/ working Microphone
      3. Be active at least once every two weeks
      4. Be able to give/take orders and follow Squad Rules/SOPs.
      5. Have Fun and Play!

      So come speak to an S55 Officer/Recruiter Today!!