The Netherlands Mod | v1.0.1 RELEASED

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    • The Netherlands Mod | v1.0.1 RELEASED

      Report bugs and give suggestions for The Netherlands Mod here:

      What is The Netherlands Mod?
      The Netherlands Mod will be a continuation of the former Dutch Mod, with initiative-taker FrozenOne-94, and following-up developer Ben12. As of now both of them have stopped with Emergency 5 modding, and so I decided to take over the project. The Netherlands Mod is a modification for Emergency 5, 2016 and 2017 which changes the standard German theme to a Dutch one. First thing that I changed was the mod name, from Dutch Mod to The Netherlands Mod. In my opinion this suits the mod better. My goal is to keep the mod working after new updates and adding new features.

      Pictures of The Netherlands Mod
      Here are some pictures of The Netherlands Mod. I hope to add more pictures in the future.

      5n3kmr_zps9jrcz1sk.png 30hriow_zpsw3epvzqx.png xmv4oo_zpshyrykuqh.png

      Features of The Netherlands Mod
      Here you will find all the features of the mod. Every new version of the mod will also include the features of the previous versions, unless otherwise noted.

      v1.0.1Latest version
      Unlimited UnitsAmount of vehicles is unlimited on every map. This means that you don't need to worry about vehicle management.
      Textures & Models
      • Pretty much all (standard) Emergency vehicles have Dutch skinning.
      • The standard police helicopter has been replaced with a Dutch model, including Dutch skinning.
      AudioThe standard German sirens have been replaced with Dutch sirens.
      VideoThe second video you are prompted with when starting up Emergency, has been replaced with a
      video showing off some Dutch emergency vehicles. So don't spam spacebar when starting up Emergency :thumbsup: !
      Main menuThe Emergency main menu background has been replaced with a Dutch background.
      v1.0.2Upcoming versionThese are the features planned for the upcoming version, v1.0.2. So this means that these
      features aren't available yet!
      Killerconsti's Mini ModThis version will contain commands and other features of Killerconsti's Mini Mod. Thank you Killerconsti
      for making this possible.
      AudioThe sirens from v1.0.1 will be replaced with new sirens. Thank you Ropie58 for supplying me with them!
      TEC BaseThere will be a new base for TEC units. Here a picture of the base, which is still work in progress:
      Fire StationThere will also be a (small) fire station. This fire station will hold a RW, TLF, DLK and one NEF.
      Police checkpointsThere will be police checkpoints around the cities, where vehicles will be pulled over and
      get checked. In the beginning there will only be one checkpoint, where one vehicle is
      being checked. In the future I hope to add a script which actually randomly pulls
      over civilians, but that's something for later.


      DownloadsDateEmergencyForum FilebaseMediaFire
      v1.0.127-Jan-2017The Netherlands

      Bugs and Suggestions
      Have you found a bug in The Netherlands Mod? Or do you have an awesome suggestion? Well, I am happy to hear from you! You can do so here:

      Known bugs
      v1.0.1There is no recovery crane available.Thank you markp400 for letting me know! This will be fixed in the next version, v1.0.2.

      On this thread I hope to post updates regularly, to show you guys progression made on The Netherlands Mod. I will happily receive any feedback, since this will only make The Netherlands Mod better. If you want to get in contact with me, you can send me a private message or e-mail.

      Feel free to leave comments here, I will be looking forward to them!
    • I found the method to fix the bug that cannot use recovery crane in freeplay maps. Unzip 'the_netherlands_mod_v1.0.1', open 'startup.json' to use notepad in gamedata\em5_unitpool\default. Find the letter 'Bergefahrzeug (Schwerer Kran)' and change all of '"BFZ": "0" to "BFZ": "99". Then you can use recovery cranes in freeplay game.

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