Emergency 4 Lags and internet problems

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  • Emergency 4 Lags and internet problems

    Hi.. I have a pretty big problem.. I want to play EM 4 with some mods like LA or Hradecko but when i install mods they aren't working normally.. I have massive FPS drops and it's unplayable for me.. But my friend with almost same specs can play it without problems.. Graphic Card AMD Radeon HD 5700 series
    Processor AMD Athlon X3
    4 GB Ram

    And the second problem is this: If we want to play multiplayer It's so much laggy for us.. Not the game but connection.. I've played with my friend before and it wasn't been so laggy.. We are playing it on hamachi..

    // My connection is allright and there are not any problem with him.. Same my friend..