Double resolutions in resolution list

    • Solved

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    • Double resolutions in resolution list

      Hi guys,

      I was wondering if those with a laptop containing an integrated video chip and a dedicated video card have the same issue as I have.

      I have a Lenovo W520 with Intel HD Graphics 3000 and a dedicated card, the NVIDIA Quadro 1000M. Usually, NVIDIA's software makes the distinction in between using the integrated chip or the dedicated card, but it seems that this is not the case. Thus, EM5 lists all available resolutions, creating a long list. I added a screenshot of this phenomena.

      Maybe a solution would be to add another drop-down to select which card is to be used and consequently filter the resolutions' drop-down, or add the device's name to the list of resolutions, like "Integrated Chip - 800x600"...

      Thanks for reading and I'd love a follow-up reply.