Cannot load saved game (??)

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    • Cannot load saved game (??)

      Hi guys,
      I made a saved game in EM5-DL, for the first time now, from my preperations of, in this case, the "Hamburg - Gang War"-mission; that is: I made sure that my emergency vehicles are at the scene, before starting the final arrests. At that point, I saved the game. So now, after failing my mission, it should be possible to simply load my earlier saved mission, in order to spare me a lot of work making my preparations again. However, each time when I'm trying to "load" the saved game, the mission starts all over again with its video. So it seems that all my preperations were all for nothing since I cannot load my saved game(s) - pretty frustrating... :wacko:
      Could anyone help me out here and tell me why I cannot seem to load a saved game. As far as I know, all I should need to do is clicking on the saved game and than "simply" click on "Load". So, what could I possibly do wrong in this procedure.

      For what its worth: My game is purchased and downloaded from/through "STEAM", so I do not have the actual Game DVD, in case you'd tell me that I should need or adjust a specific game file...

      I hope to hear from you soon.

      Thank you.

      I always think very hard before asking stupid questions... ;-)

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