{Clan} Portside First Responders

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    • {Clan} Portside First Responders

      PFR is a clan that plays 911:FR/EM4 with our own custom mods. We are dedicated to our members, because without you, our unit would have no purpose.

      clan also has multiple members who are volunteer/career Firefighters,
      EMS Personnel and Police Officers; Therefore, PFR is also dedicated to
      have the most realistic and true to life game play possible, as a result
      we use a custom mod combine with our own set of SOPs. SOPs are standard
      operation procedures; these are in game guidelines to help keep
      immersion as full as possible.

      we may strive for the most realistic game play possible, this in no way
      means we are willing to sacrifice fun. All of our rules, SOPs, and
      other guidelines are ultimately in place to help facilitate fun.
      Because, what would a gaming community be without fun? Here at PFR we
      have edited many different parts of the game to get the gaming
      experience realistic. We also have our own radio codes (NIMS). We also
      are working on a CAD system. (Computer Aided Dispatch) to give the game
      an even more realistic feel.

      We are always recruiting!
      you would like to know more than is covered here, or have a question
      regarding the information found within this description, Please feel
      free to stop by our teamspeak someone will be more than happy to help

      Here in PFR we have 2 different departments
      Paid and Volunteer. The paid department is members that are on on a
      daily to weekly bases. The volunteer department is members that are on a
      few times a month. So theirs a place for everyone here in PFR


      * All members should be 15 years of age.

      * Members must be able to speak clear and understandable English

      * All members will be required to download and install Wippien, and Teamspeak 3 as

      well as have a working microphone.

      Games Supported

      Emergency 5 (Once released)

      EmergeNYC (Once released)

      Mods Supported

      Riverside Mod

      BorderCity Mod (In Development)

      Time Schedules

      Week days: Monday-Friday 6pm-11pm est (Hours vary)

      Weekends: 11am-11pm est

      Contact Info

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